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December 9, 2013


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Trapped Monster RP Prompt

You live in a village deep into the heart of a monster infested land. Yet somehow the village has prospered. The people have adjusted and learned how to kill all the giant monsters that live around them. Fighting giant monsters for food and to keep their village safe has become a daily routine.
You live in this monster hunting village, but you have yet to kill a monster. The villagers consider you weak and a nuisance unfit to fight monsters. You would love to prove them wrong, but the fact of the matter is that you aren't strong enough to carry and properly wield the types of greatswords the villagers need to use to kill such massive monsters.
You're starting to feel like you going to have to find a different way you can provide for the village when you discover one of the giant monsters in one of the traps you set deep in the forest! The creature most have triggered the trap and got wrapped up in the thick chains. The only things that can release it from the trap is a small releasing mechanism, but the monster's fingers are too big to push the button. Only a human could release the creature!
You are excited. One of your genius traps finally worked and now you can kill a monster and finally prove to everyone that you're not useless. The creature looks as though it's been trapped in the chains for a few days, because it looks weak.
You get in close for the kill, but it opens its eyes and stares at you. You don't see anger or the emotionless eyes of a mindless monster. You see fear and deep sadness! The monster looks at you pleadingly, because in the trap, it can't even attack you! You do your best to ignore the creature's eyes. You place the sword on the neck of the creature, ready to drive it in, but those pleading eyes continue to stare at you.
You shake your head and say (mostly to yourself), "I have to kill you, monster. This is the only way I can prove to my village that I'm not a useless weakling."
But when you thought those pleading eyes were all the tricks the creature had left, you hear a deep but pleading voice whisper, "Please, don't kill me." The voice was loud, even if it was a whisper, because it came from the very mouth of the creature!
"I can't, this is my only choice," you tell the creature.
"You always have choice. Please, spare me," the creature begged.

Choice 1: You realize that you just can't kill the creature. It seems so weak and scared, just like you...

Choice 2: You decide to make a bargain with the creature...

Choice 3: You kill the creature and take a piece of it to prove your worth to the village!

The Creature can practically be any giant creature you can think of, as long as it has some kind of human-like physical quality. So it can be a human giant or any other giant version fantasy being, a tauric creature, an anthro creature, or a demi creature. You csn choose the creature and what gender you want it to be.
I watched How to Train Your Dragon again yesterday and a key scene to the film pretty much inspired this RP. (Any person who has seen the film probably can tell which scene) 

This RP is in a fantasy setting, in case it's not obvious enough.
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DragonSong928 6 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
May I RP please?
PrincessBlaziken Feb 1, 2014  Student Artist

(And I am yet again responding to one of your RPs. Sorry, but they're too good and this one seems too great to pass up. This think I think I'd like to try a white Kitsune giant (essentially a giant with white fox ears and tail with magical abilities. I've been reading a lot of Japanese folklore lately, so yeah.... And I am very sorry because I turned out WAY longer than I expected it to but I like detail…))

Jessica stared into the eyes of the giant, guilt and suspicion quickly overcoming her. Unlike most of the people in her village, she valued both strength and knowledge at the same time but held knowledge higher. She was seen as an odd girl, even when she was little. She had been a bit taller than most children but she was completely useless at physical activates. And while most kids spent recess wrestling in the mud or playing 'Slay the Dragon' she had been inside, reading a book with the teacher. As she got older she began training with dual blades, short and light sword that gave her great defense and better offence, but the rest of the village laughed at. She was still a beginner, having little muscle gain and a weak body making it so she got tired easily. And even now she preferred the company of books compared to other humans or weapons. Most people thought it was a shame, too, since she was a pretty thing and if she were strong she would produce great children.

It wasn't just her weakness either. Jessica knew she couldn't kill another living creature (except bugs, they were fair game). Since she was a child she was fascinated by all other animals on this planet, and simply loved to watch and interact with them if she could. Her dad said when she was very young she said she wanted to take care of all the poor strays in the world. As she got older she would sometimes feed the stray dogs and cats in town, or keep one animal from eating another. She once accidentally dropped a baby stunk once, and began crying because she thought she hurt it badly. And while she may have slapped a boy once or twice, she could never bring harm to fellow human. She just couldn't bring herself to hurt someone or thing.

But right now, the redhead had a different dilemma that needed solving quick. She already knew she couldn't harm a creature, and had various second thoughts about what she was going to do if she did so happen to catch one. She felt immense guilt, seeing the... neko giant (she thought that's what it was, his ears were pressed against his head so she couldn't tell and his tail was hidden between his legs) in this state. He obviously didn't want to die. But then her suspicion came into play. This giant, while his eyes obviously held tears and fear, there was a lingering in them that sent chills up her spine. His tears also seemed a little forced, they came as soon as she arrived. She hadn't heard him crying until she saw his figure in the distance amongst the trees.

Then, there was his appearance. While her town was a European-like town, with a quaint little charm that somehow wasn't destroyed by the monsters that tried to attack. Many people dressed in a similar style, as well. This man-creature was obviously different. He had silver-white hair, something she had never seen before. And he wore Eastern style clothing-something she had only seen and read about in books. He also radiated this aura of power... It honestly scared her more than his giant appearance. Bust she thought there were no neko giants located in the East, that's what she heard, anyway. His ears-

'Wait.' Jessica's brain froze for a moment and her blue eyes widened when she realized something about his ears. 'They are too pointy and big to be neko ears... And his tail is way too long and fluffy to be that of any cats... He... He's a fox creature of some sort!' Jessica then ran through a mental list of all the eastern fox creatures she knew of, putting her dual blades back in the scabbard at her belt. She recalled a certain mystical creature she once read about.

"Kitsune." She said aloud and looking into the silver foxes eyes. "You're a Kitsune Yōkai."

Jessica recalled a lot about these creatures. Their personalities and powers varied from creature to creature, but Jessica could easily tell this one was lying to her and trying to trick her. It probably wanted to eat her body and soul, or take her for a toy, or just wanted to fool and play with her. She even her Kitsune's were capable of possessing human, specifically young females like herself. Whatever this creature planned to do to her, it probably wasn't very good. But she also knew Kitsune's were bringers of very good luck, and could do much with their magic powers. And if this Kitsune was a trickster and wanted to get something from her... Maybe she could bargain with him and trick him instead. Besides, she was the only one who could release him and she could very well go back and get one of the villagers to kill him.

The girl in the blue tunic and leather vest kneeled down in front of one of his eyes on one of her brown trouser clad knees and pushed her glasses up her nose, staring into his eyes. "I know you are trying to trick me so drop the act. You aren't tricking me, and I'm not going to let you go just yet. Look, how about we work out a deal? I'm the only one who can release you anyway, so technically speaking your life is in my hands, and with one word to the village they will kill you without me having to even give an explanation. Plus, Kitsune‘s have to repay any debt or favor, right? I will release you on two conditions. One, you promise not to eat me or ANYONE and you won't destroy anything once I release you from the chains. Two, you come with me to my village and you'll help us out by blessing our town with luck and working there. Does that sound good?"

(She'll be...can she be an anthro ink lioness?  If not, an anthro...leopard or cheetah or something...)

I...I...*throws the sword, having it hit the button* I just...can't...*falls to my knees, putting my palms on the ground, with my head down*
*blinks looking up at the giant naga girl slowly approching her looking up at her sighing softly to myself* w-well how about this then maybe if i could get a scale off you maybe as proof that i "killed" you then i can let you and we can be friends
(Choice 1. Think I'll go with a human giantess.)

Looking at the size of my catch, I could hardly believe my luck. This giant was by and far the largest I'd ever seen! Surely the village would have no choice but to accept me once they saw this!

I falter a little as I get a better look at the towering being. She was incredibly beautiful, especially for a giant. Still I knew that underneath her beauty she was nothing more than a violent beast.... Right?

I try to avoid her pleading gaze as I bring my blade towards her neck, though it shook in my hands. You have to do this... It's the only way you'll be accepted by the village... I assure myself. But my resolve is completely broken as she begs for her life. I eventually give up and turn away.

"DAMMIT!" I shout in frustration as I throw my sword to the ground. "I... I can't do it... I really am worthless..."
Tristen sighed as he saw the eyes of the giantess demoness, sure she should SEEM evil and he had every right to kill her kind for enticing many of our greatest heroes to their deaths. He narrowed his eyes as a bead of sweat slowly trickled down his cheek, she seemed terryfied, but how could he know that? For all he could know, this was just some trick of hers to let him out and then "play" with him to death. He gritted his teeth, quickly he pushed the button that released her cage, spun around on his heels towards his village, and walked towards it. "I didn't see you demoness..." Tristen muttered as he continued to walk away.
1127779 Dec 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I wasn't able to kill it so released it.

"I'm sorry." I said to the creature.
bruce607 Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(You didn't tell me what creature you want the giant creature to be.)
1127779 Dec 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
(I'd like it to be a naga, please.)
bruce607 Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(I know. Just be patient. I can't write a good reply yet. Busy at work!)
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