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February 18, 2013
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Marriage RP Prompt (Giantess Bride)

You must have had a wild night of partying, because as you start to regain consciousness, you can't recall much of anything that happened last night.
You remember being at a bar, you remember meeting a girl, though you can't recall the her face, and then nothing.
You won't be surprised that you'll find a women in your bed this morning or in a woman's bed when you open your eyes.
But before opening your eyes and while struggling through the thunderstorm in your skull from the hangover, you try to use your other senses.
The mattress underneath you seems very odd. For one, it's surface feels different: warm, smooth, almost like... skin. And it's rising and falling at regular intervals, at the same instance that you can hear a powerful wind, that you don't feel.
Something is clearly not right. Even the blanket doesn't feel like a blanket. It feels like the mattress beneath you with what feels like crevices and groves.
When you finally open your eyes, you find yourself on expansive flat plain like no ground you've ever seen. It has no grass and no dirt. And it's color... if you have to guess it looks like... skin!
At the opposite end of the field is two massive mountains that are a different color than the "ground". The "hills" are black and look like some sort of fabric.
When you realize that the "blanket" is actually a giant hand, you realize you're on the stomach of a woman and those hills are her breasts covered by her bra. You are on a giantess!
What the hell happened list night?
The giantess wakes up from her slumber. She lifts her head high enough for her green eyes to peek over her breasts. "Oh, hello my little husband. Did you sleep well?"

Option 1. Now is the time for you to freak out!
Option 2. Now is the time to try and figure out what the hell happened last night.
Option 3. You've always had a dream about being with a giantess. This could be fun!
Option 4. Switch roles!
Here's a RP prompt about you having a wild night and being married to a giantess. If you want to be the giantess instead, that can be arranged, but it would be a little different since the giantess knows everything that happened last night while the groom doesn't.

If you the giantess to be different than just a giant human like a mythical creature, an anthro, or tauric creature, just tell me and that can be arranged as well. But no giant sentient animals. The closest thing to animals the bride can be is tauric (naga, centaur, pantaur, dragontaur, etc.) or anthro.

If you want to be a human girl with a giant groom, here's the link... [link]
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can have a naga bride
* i groaned loudly after waking up however the current hangover kept me from looking at my new surroundings and i soon laid back down to allow my headache to lessen not caring nor realizing i was resting atop the breasts of a naga *    
can i try this
A mix of option 2 and 3
Maho97 Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Option2 but also 3
thebroarthur2 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Can I do this
(Option 3 plz ) oh! Hello, miss! Where am I?

(P.s. Not trying to stalk you on deviatart, just like your role plays, event though I'm not the best at them :/
I woke up slightly under the giantess's hand, trying to crawl out. As I heard my new wife wake up, I looked up, a little stunned ot realize what I was on, or who I was on. I said, "Uhm, good, hun." with a blush and a slightly nervous tone. I decided to play along, but I was really freaking out on the inside.
I decide to play along and see if my memories come back soon. Yes I slept very well how'd you sleep?
bruce607 Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
(I'm assuming the last sentence is something your character is saying? You didn't mark it with quotation marks.)

Not realizing you have no memories of last night, the giantess smiles down at you lovingly and caresses your back with a single giant finger. You can feel it on your bare back making you realize that you're only in your underwear. The giantess is only in her panties, leaving the lovely large hills that are her breasts unclothed. "I had a wonderful night. And I'm even happier that it wasn't all just a dream. I finally have a tiny human husband."
"So wanna be some breakfast?" I say trying to remember marrying this admittedly hot giantess.
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