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       Alvor agreed to supply Thales with some armor and a weapon, but within reason. He allowed her to take some iron armor. Thales preferred steel armor over iron, but steel was more expensive than iron and she knew she wouldn't be getting that kind of armor for free, nor would she want to take advantage of the blacksmith's generosity. He offered the right amount of material needed to make a steel greatsword and helped her make it.
       "Where can I go to sell a few magical items? Will I have to sell it in a shop at Whiterun?"
       Alvor lifted his hammer towards the shop practically across the street. "Lucan sells many different items there. You'll be able to find a variety of different supplies you may need."
       "Thank you for all your help, Alvor." With her thanks said, Thales walked across the street to a two story shop with a sign that read "Riverwood Treader". As soon as Thales entered, she discovered that the shop was only situated in the first story. The second floor was most likely just the living quarters. Inside, a redguard woman sat at a table by the fire place and conversed (argued, really) with her brother who stood behind the counter in the right corner of the room. The woman said, "Well, one of us has to do something."
       "I said 'no'! No adventures, no theatrics, no thief chasing," the man, Lucan, yelled back.
       "What are you going to do about it then?"
       The man said, putting his foot down, "We are done talking about this." The man suddenly looked Thales's way and looked surprised, embarrassed even. He must not have heard the door close, because it seemed this was the first time he noticed Thales there. "Oh, a costumer. Sorry you had to hear about that. I don't know what you heard, but the Riverwood Treader is still open. Feel free to have a look at our wares."
       "I was hoping I could sell this spell book and robes to you," Thales explained as she set the folded robe and the book on the counter.
       "Of course I'd love to but these off you. I'm always happy to have enchanted items and spells." He takes the items and pays a fair price. "You're not a Mage, I take it?"
       "I know some magic, but I'd rather trust my sword arm."
       "You're a warrior then, just like most Nords. You don't have a distrust or disgust for magic though?"
       Thales shook her head. "My brother and I aren't the judging type." She just wanted to leave it at that. There was no need to go into the details that would also explain her hatred for the Stormcloaks.
       "Good for you and your brother. I wish more people felt similarly."
       "Did something happen here?" Thales asked, remembering the argument and something about "thief chasing". Deep down, she thought it best not to ask; it was best not to pry into the business of others and she needed to get to Whiterun. The sooner she warned the jarl about dragons, the sooner she could go back to Dragljo. But the warrior in her felt it was her duty to help others that needed it.
       "Well, umm, we did have a bit of a break in last night. We still have plenty to trade. The bandits only seemed to be after one thing: an ornament in the shape of a gold claw."
    "If I happen to stumble upon these bandits, I could return the claw for you," Thales offered, wishing a little that she had bitten her tongue.
       "You could? I've got some gold coming in with the next shipment; it's yours if you bring it back to me." The man did his best to look over Thales's shoulder and said to his sister, "Did you hear that Camilla? Our friend here will take care of it."
       "This is your solution then?" Camilla asked.
       "Yes, so you won't have to take that journey after all."
      "But I think your new friend needs a guide," the woman said while standing up with a raised eyebrow and a grin.
       Frazzled, Lucan stumbled with his words. "Um, no, but, by the Eight, fine! But only to the edge of town."
       Pleased with herself, the grin never left Camilla's face until she left the shop with Thales behind. "We believe the bandits fled to Bleak Fall Barrows. You have to go through town and over the bridge to get there, but you can see it on the mountain top from here," Camilla pointed out, though Thales had already got a clear view of the massive ruins when Hadvar pointed to it earlier that day. "Those crypts are filled with traps, trolls, and who knows what else," the woman continued as both of them walked through the village towards the road that lead to Whiterun. "I wonder why they only stole Lucan's claw. I know we have plenty of other things in the shop worth just as much as it. Lucan got that claw about a year after he opened the shop. He never told me where he found it. He's a tricky one." They made it just outside of town where the road turned into a stone bridge leading over to the left side of the river. At this point of the river, the waters looked faster, like the beginning of rapids. "This is the bridge out if town. The path to the north west leads straight to Bleak Falls Barrow. I should get back, my brother would get too worried if I take to long. He's such a child." Camilla wished Thales luck before heading back into town.
       By now, the sun was setting. Thales walked across the bridge only to find a fork in the road. To her left, the road lead up the mountain, but the right road lead to Whiterun and followed along the river. She could head up the mountain and deal with the bandits, but warning the jarl about dragons sounded more dire. She'd have to come back this way when she's finished her business with the jarl. She could deal with the bandits then. But then again, those bandits might not be on the ruins when she comes back. "Fuck it." Thales walked down the right path walking alongside the river.
Skyrim: Blood of Dragon: Ch 5 Pt 2
Finally, the second part to the 5th chapter. I was going to make it even longer, but I decided to part it in the next Thales chapter, which will be after at least 2 or 3 chapters from different characters.


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