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       Erissa's mentor, Aldaril, nodded with one single downward motion of his head and she blasted the wooden door open with a fireball spell. The entire door burst off its hinges and surged several feet into the tiny one room hut before hitting the foot of a bed and toppling on top of a screaming child that had more then likely been sleeping until the explosion. Erissa immediately conjured a long sword with her left hand made purely out of magic just as the other Altmer, her partner Molleen, stormed in with his Elven sword just as golden as his and her glittering Elven armor. She followed him and then Aldaril, dressed in the black Thalmor robes. In the split seconds Erissa had taken to run through the doorway, her Elven ears could hear all the chaotic commotion inside. She heard screams and cries of children and the slice of a sword through flesh and bone. She heard a man's scream and a woman's and the clang of iron falling to a wooden floor. Erissa charged through the doorway, expecting to see a fight.
       As her eyes darted around the one room hut, she saw three bed with children in the right corner of the room, the foot of each of these beds facing the doorway she entered through and one of the beds directly in line with the doorway. This bed had a door on top of it and a young child underneath. An equally young girl was to the right of the bed with the door on top of it. She cried and tried to get her sibling out from under it. An older boy occupied the bed to the left . He looked about 16. A fire place was dead in the center of the wall across from Erissa and a table with several chairs were in the center of the room. Chairs and tables were upturned, no doubt from Molleen charging for the man of the house who now clutched a bleeding stump where his hand used to be. He was on his knees and the Altmer had his own magically conjured sword to the Nord's throat. The man's wife was half under the covers of their bed in the far corner of the room clutching a baby against her. The baby unleashing blood curdling wails. This entire family were Nords, because who else would still worship the false god Talos than a bunch of barbarian Nords that believed someone of there race could ascend to godlihood?
       The teenage boy grabbed something from under his pillow. Erissa saw it gleam in the firelight from the corner of her eye. She twirled around just as the teenager raised an iron dragger and she put her magically created blade to his neck, stopping just before the edge could cut into his jugular! The boy froze and stared with dark blue eyes filled with anger and fear and a look of defiance. "I would drop that measly knife, boy," Erissa warned, "Unless you honestly want to loose your head."
       "Please, Bedrel, drop the knife," the boy's mother begged. He obeyed his mother's request and the dagger fell to the floor.
       "Good boy," Aldaril said as he walked into the room and over to the father with only one hand. The high elf did not crouch down or stoop to the man's level. It was better to look down at these savages and blasphemers. "You have been accused of worshiping Talos and helping the Stormcloak rebels. What do you have to say to these accusations?"
       "I've done nothing wrong," the man replied.
       "He attacked me as soon as we entered," Molleen added.
       "You blew up my door and charged in with swords. I was only defending my family!" the man argued.
       "Do you worship Talos?" Aldaril questioned, bring them back to the reason they came here in the first place.
       "I don't!"
       None of the three high elves believed the Nord. He had yelled, but he didn't mean what he said. Aldaril stomped around on several wooden planks on the floor. The Nord questioned what he was doing, but then the high elf's boot smashed into a plank that sounded different from the rest. The Thalmor's hand glowed and the plank free to another side of the house, colliding into the wall. He crouched low reaching into a hole dug under the house and pulled out a talisman of Talos! "I see a shrine to Talos under here as well, care to explain what these are doing hiding in your home?"
       The Nord did not answer. He stared stone faced now up at Aldaril. The same type of defiant that was in his son's eyes was in the father's.
       "If I don't get an answer, I'll just have to assume these Talos items belong to all of you. You don't want your family to be slaughtered, do you?"
       "You promise not to harm my family if I admit the Talos talisman is mine and mine alone?"
       "If it is only yours and you family doesn't worship Talos, then I see no reason why I should needlessly kill all of you. Are you admitting to this being yours?" Aldaril tossed the talisman down at the man's knees.
       "Yes, I worship Talos in this household and only me."
       Aldaril nodded at Molleen and the elf grinned. He drove his magically conjured sword into the Nords chest! The family screamed, but none louder than the teenage boy whose neck Erissa still had her sword against. The elf pulled out his sword and the father fell to his side, his eyes wide with the tiniest of life still in them.
       Aldaril started to leave but stopped when he looked at the teenage boy. He saw what Erissa saw: hatred and defiance holding back tears of sorrow and hatred. "Kill him too," he ordered.
       "But you promised!" The wife cried out.
       "Yes, but I still suspect your whole family is Talos worshiping blasphemers. Besides, look at this boy. So much hatred for my people. I would imagine he will grew wanting vengeance. He's a threat and it needs to be eradicated before it can be an embarrassing nuisance." He nodded to Erissa.
       She gladly chopped of the teenager's head and the mother screamed!
       "Kill the rest of them and burn the house down. Make sure they are good and dead." The mentor turned to the father. "Molleen, stab that one again. I still see some life in his eyes."

       They eradicated the entirely family of blasphemers and burned the hut to the ground. They waited till the house was nothing but chars and then stabbed all the crispy black bodies again, just to be safe.
If anyone is interested, I have a YouTube account. I've been making movie review videos and play through a of games.

I've finished a video review of Bog Hero 6, but I'm really behind on movie reviews. I still have to do Interstellar, Dumb and Dumber To, Birdman, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt 1, The Babadook, Penguins of Madagascar, Rosewater, Horrible Bosses 2, Annie, Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb, Wild, Big Eyes, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, and maybe a few more.

I have a 48 part playthrough of Alien: Isolation, the first Episode of Game of Thrones from TellTale, and I started one of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So, if you want to see movie reviews, video game review, or Let's Play versions of games, please check my channel out.

It's BruceGifford JustMyOpinion
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

       It wasn't until nightfall that Ararvy cleared his head and dispelled the pure hatred pulsating in his veins. It had been a simple name calling he'd heard many times before: Knife Ear. It wasn't even an original name calling or a particularly nasty one. Being a dark elf, he hand been called far worse. But when a Nord spoke those words, it stabbed deeper into his heart and caused the dark hatred to well back up. It reminded him of his days as a child and teenager in Windhelm. It reminded him of the poverty of his family and his people, the injustice the Nords cast down on him, the hatred towards his people, and above all the death of his parents.
       Lightning sparked from Ararvy's hand again at the thought of his parents. He stopped in his tracks, turned around and shot the electricity into the lake to his left. He screamed out, fell to his knees, and clutched his slanted scarlet eyes tightly shut. His parents did not deserve what happened to them. But he couldn't think about them anymore. Their deaths was all he could think about when he brought them back into his thoughts. It filled him with hatred. He had to cast them back out of his mind, but the fact that he realized he couldn't let himself remember them caused even more hatred to well up. Things were never fair for a dark elf in Skyrim.
       He breathed rapidly and heavily as he looked out into the lake at the honey farm on the island in the center. It took a minute longer for his breathing to start slowing down and calming, but only slightly after each exhale. Once calm, he bowed his head for a few seconds. His hands relaxed and stopped clenching into fists. They rested on his lap. Ararvy let out one long exhale before getting back up and heading back to Riften.

       The streets were empty, save for a few guards patrolling the streets, when the dark elf entered the city. He walked through the streets with no troubles. He noticed a very scarce amount of guards near the Temple of Mara and Riften's Hall of the Dead. It's normal to see few guards in this area, but it felt odd that not a single guard was around. Ararvy chalked it up as there just being a less city guards being about to work the night shift or maybe a Thieves' Guild heist going on tonight and guards have been paid off not to guard specific areas. He entered a courtyard with two houses on either side of him and the steps to the temple and the Hall of the Dead before him. He walked up those stairs, but he turned to the right. The graveyard was his true destination; a secret entrance to the Thieves' Guild was hidden in one of the crypts. He walked across the narrow balcony until he had to turn left and go down some stairs leading into the graveyard.
       As soon as Ararvy stepped off the last step, a steel shield crashed into his side and sent him colliding into the wall to the left. His leather Thieves' Guild armor did little to pad the blow of steel. He coughed and slide down the wall onto his ass. Three Nords in steel armor stood in the direction where the shield tackle came from. One bore a shield and long sword, another wielded a great sword, while the third Nord, a female, carried a bow with a quiver full of steel tipped arrows on her back; one of those arrows was notched into her bow and aimed at Ararvy.
       "You will no longer harass good working Nords, purple skinned freak," the Nord with the shield and long sword threatened.
       Ararvy smiled and stood up. "Or else what? You stupid fucks don't even no how to threaten a man properly. You're supposed to say, 'Or else'. And then I say, 'Or else what?'" His scarlet eyes darted from Nord to Nord, calculating which Nords were the most dangerous at that very moment and who needed to be dealt with first. He slowly stood up and brushed himself off. He took as much time as he could, stalling so he could come up with the best course of action. The female Nord with the bow was clearly the most dangerous. She had an arrow ready and would let it loose before he could unsheathe his long sword. Plus, she was just far enough out of the blades reach to the point where he would have to take about three and a half steps forward and outstretch his arm to the fullest extent just to nick the tip of her arrow! Magic was his best bet to deal with her and lightning might damage more then one with that metal armor of theirs. The Nord with the greatsword was close enough to the female Nord to attract some of the electricity. Ararvy would have to worry about the Nord with the shield next. He was close and could run him down as soon as Ararvy attacked the other two.
       Fire. That will hold him back Ararvy smiled. A burst of electricity crackles from his left hand at the Nord with the bow. Her muscles tensed, keeping her from letting loose her arrow. Her body spasmed and crumpled to the ground. Sparks of electricity managed to reach out and strike the Nord with the greatsword. He too shook and fell to the ground. "And then you do that," Ararvy continued. He witnessed the Nord with the sword and shield charging at him again. The dark elf shot fire from his left hand while his other one grasped the hilt of his sword. The Nord lifted his shield to protect himself from the flames and continued to charge forward. Ararvy didn't let up on the flames so that the Nord would have to keep his head behind the shield and not be able to see in front of him. Ararvy stepped to the side at the last second and twisted around to face the Nord's back. The Nord's shield collided with the stone wall a split second before a long sword impales him through a weak point in his armor. A steel dagger sliced his neck another split second later.
       The two other Nords were recovering from their shock a little sooner than Ararvy expected. He whipped around, leaped, and drove his long sword into the Nord with the greatsword who was starting to get up. The archer died from a thrown dagger in her face before she could get to her feet. Ararvy's arm was still stretched out from when he threw the knife when he grinned and said, "And that's how you get things done." He pulled the sword out of the dead Nord's chest and searched for anything the corpse would no longer need. He found very little, not even any gold. He would check the archer next, but before doing so, he looked at all three of the dead Nords and admired his work. He had not felt this good in a long time. Hell, he didn't even recall feeling this good before. In his heart, he knew these Nords where the prejudice kind that populated Skyrim greatly. They got what they deserved and Ararvy felt fulfilled in some way, but not quite enough. These were hired thugs. Someone sent them to take care of me personally. Let's find out who. Ararvy recovered his dagger, but find little off the archer as well.
       The Nord with the sword and shield must have been the leader, because Ararvy looted a bag of gold coins and a note off the corpse. He unfolded the paper and read:
       I need you to take care of a problem. A Daedra worshipping   purple skinned knife-ear named Ararvy needs to learn his place. This is Nord land and he is not welcome here. He does not need to die, but if he happens to die during the beating, I could care less. Meet me at the tavern in the middle of town tonight when it's done.

       The letter was signed by Bersi. Ararvy crumpled up the letter and burned it in his hand.

       Bersi closed the door behind him and started locking up his shop. As the lock clicked shut, a cold blade touched his neck. "Call out to the guards and you'll be dead and I'll be long gone before they get here," Ararvy whispered in Bersi's ear. He forcefully turned the stout Nord around and pressed him against the door with the knife still on his throat. "You're friends will not be joining you for mead tonight."
       Bersi quivered. His eyes were stricken with fear. Ararvy never imagined he'd see such a fear for him and from a Nord of all things. He saw such eyes in the dark elves back in his hometown, Windhelm, far more often. It delighted Ararvy to see the tables turned for a change. "What are you going to do?" the quivering Nord asked.
       What was he going to do? Ararvy hadn't thought it through that far. He imagined killing the fucker, but then the a Thieves Guild might know he did it and that was bad for business. The guild had enough problems already. "I would gladly slit your throat here and now, but I'm not going to kill you." He paused long enough to let Bersi feel relieved before he continued, "However, I am going to keep my eyes on you, Bersi. And if you treat anymore dark elf customers poorly, if you give them a higher price for your items, if you treat them with disrespect and look down at them, I will come back and kill you."
       "You couldn't possibly watch me the entire-"
       Ararvy pressed the knife just deep enough to cut the skin of his neck a little to create a thin red line. "Do not forget what I am. I am part of the Thieves Guild. We work in the shadows. I will know everything you do, Bersi. You can count on that. And if you continue sending men to kill me, just know that you'll just be giving me more gold each time." Ararvy showed him the pouch of gold he found off the dead mercenary. The dark elf tossed the pouch in the air once and then attached it to his belt again, all while keeping that knife against Bersi's throat. Ararvy backed away and leaped over the railing behind him, disappearing into the night.

       Ararvy made it back to the Thieves Guild's base of operations under the sewers. He walked into the common room which was a huge circle with sewer water in the center and two bridges intersecting into a cross in the center of the sewer pool. Several beds lined up along the outer edge of the room and he plopped into his bed. The bed was near Ashira who asked, "Ararvy, are you alright? Ashira was concerned when you did not return after several hours."
       The dark elf did not turn around to look at the khajiit. He just laid on his side with his back to her. "I'm fine, Ashira. Just go back to sleep." It still took another hour for sleep to finally come to Ararvy.

       Alvor agreed to supply Thales with some armor and a weapon, but within reason. He allowed her to take some iron armor. Thales preferred steel armor over iron, but steel was more expensive than iron and she knew she wouldn't be getting that kind of armor for free, nor would she want to take advantage of the blacksmith's generosity. He offered the right amount of material needed to make a steel greatsword and helped her make it.
       "Where can I go to sell a few magical items? Will I have to sell it in a shop at Whiterun?"
       Alvor lifted his hammer towards the shop practically across the street. "Lucan sells many different items there. You'll be able to find a variety of different supplies you may need."
       "Thank you for all your help, Alvor." With her thanks said, Thales walked across the street to a two story shop with a sign that read "Riverwood Treader". As soon as Thales entered, she discovered that the shop was only situated in the first story. The second floor was most likely just the living quarters. Inside, a redguard woman sat at a table by the fire place and conversed (argued, really) with her brother who stood behind the counter in the right corner of the room. The woman said, "Well, one of us has to do something."
       "I said 'no'! No adventures, no theatrics, no thief chasing," the man, Lucan, yelled back.
       "What are you going to do about it then?"
       The man said, putting his foot down, "We are done talking about this." The man suddenly looked Thales's way and looked surprised, embarrassed even. He must not have heard the door close, because it seemed this was the first time he noticed Thales there. "Oh, a costumer. Sorry you had to hear about that. I don't know what you heard, but the Riverwood Treader is still open. Feel free to have a look at our wares."
       "I was hoping I could sell this spell book and robes to you," Thales explained as she set the folded robe and the book on the counter.
       "Of course I'd love to but these off you. I'm always happy to have enchanted items and spells." He takes the items and pays a fair price. "You're not a Mage, I take it?"
       "I know some magic, but I'd rather trust my sword arm."
       "You're a warrior then, just like most Nords. You don't have a distrust or disgust for magic though?"
       Thales shook her head. "My brother and I aren't the judging type." She just wanted to leave it at that. There was no need to go into the details that would also explain her hatred for the Stormcloaks.
       "Good for you and your brother. I wish more people felt similarly."
       "Did something happen here?" Thales asked, remembering the argument and something about "thief chasing". Deep down, she thought it best not to ask; it was best not to pry into the business of others and she needed to get to Whiterun. The sooner she warned the jarl about dragons, the sooner she could go back to Dragljo. But the warrior in her felt it was her duty to help others that needed it.
       "Well, umm, we did have a bit of a break in last night. We still have plenty to trade. The bandits only seemed to be after one thing: an ornament in the shape of a gold claw."
    "If I happen to stumble upon these bandits, I could return the claw for you," Thales offered, wishing a little that she had bitten her tongue.
       "You could? I've got some gold coming in with the next shipment; it's yours if you bring it back to me." The man did his best to look over Thales's shoulder and said to his sister, "Did you hear that Camilla? Our friend here will take care of it."
       "This is your solution then?" Camilla asked.
       "Yes, so you won't have to take that journey after all."
      "But I think your new friend needs a guide," the woman said while standing up with a raised eyebrow and a grin.
       Frazzled, Lucan stumbled with his words. "Um, no, but, by the Eight, fine! But only to the edge of town."
       Pleased with herself, the grin never left Camilla's face until she left the shop with Thales behind. "We believe the bandits fled to Bleak Fall Barrows. You have to go through town and over the bridge to get there, but you can see it on the mountain top from here," Camilla pointed out, though Thales had already got a clear view of the massive ruins when Hadvar pointed to it earlier that day. "Those crypts are filled with traps, trolls, and who knows what else," the woman continued as both of them walked through the village towards the road that lead to Whiterun. "I wonder why they only stole Lucan's claw. I know we have plenty of other things in the shop worth just as much as it. Lucan got that claw about a year after he opened the shop. He never told me where he found it. He's a tricky one." They made it just outside of town where the road turned into a stone bridge leading over to the left side of the river. At this point of the river, the waters looked faster, like the beginning of rapids. "This is the bridge out if town. The path to the north west leads straight to Bleak Falls Barrow. I should get back, my brother would get too worried if I take to long. He's such a child." Camilla wished Thales luck before heading back into town.
       By now, the sun was setting. Thales walked across the bridge only to find a fork in the road. To her left, the road lead up the mountain, but the right road lead to Whiterun and followed along the river. She could head up the mountain and deal with the bandits, but warning the jarl about dragons sounded more dire. She'd have to come back this way when she's finished her business with the jarl. She could deal with the bandits then. But then again, those bandits might not be on the ruins when she comes back. "Fuck it." Thales walked down the right path walking alongside the river.
Skyrim: Blood of Dragon: Ch 5 Pt 2
Finally, the second part to the 5th chapter. I was going to make it even longer, but I decided to part it in the next Thales chapter, which will be after at least 2 or 3 chapters from different characters.

The Previous and first part to this chapter: Skyrim: Blood of Dragon Ch 5 Pt 1

Next Chapter: Skyrim: Blood of Dragon Ch 6


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If anyone is interested, I have a YouTube account. I've been making movie review videos and play through a of games.

I've finished a video review of Bog Hero 6, but I'm really behind on movie reviews. I still have to do Interstellar, Dumb and Dumber To, Birdman, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt 1, The Babadook, Penguins of Madagascar, Rosewater, Horrible Bosses 2, Annie, Night at the Museum: The Secret of the Tomb, Wild, Big Eyes, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, and maybe a few more.

I have a 48 part playthrough of Alien: Isolation, the first Episode of Game of Thrones from TellTale, and I started one of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So, if you want to see movie reviews, video game review, or Let's Play versions of games, please check my channel out.

It's BruceGifford JustMyOpinion

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